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California Girls

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I’m sorry but we really cannot approve the department chair letterhead you’ve designed for several reasons:  All letterhead is standardized similar to your department letterhead.  This ensures branding consistency, which is so important to readily identifying the university and its units.  Using the AACSB logo on the department letterhead is technically not allowed either, but since you have already invested in this and it is at the bottom of the page, you can continue to use it.  We do not use the Seriously Creative wordmark on letterhead, ever, since this is a marketing campaign logo, not the logo of the university (“swoopy A”) which is always used on official letterhead.  The use of the AACSB logo at the top is not appropriate as it conflicts and overpowers the university brand/logo, which must be the sole branding mark/identifier. The contact info is really too long to be effective on letterhead, which will push the content of your letter way down the page, which is rather awkward looking. 
As you know, maintaining consistent branding is crucial to successful marketing, and we are very careful about anything that tends to dilute the brand.
If you’d like to discuss further, we can talk when we meet with you next week.

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